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The Bible Studies shared on this page is based on:

*The Judgment and the 7 Seals (Parts 1 - 6) 

*The 144,000 - Those sealed and saved from the SDA Church  

*The Great Multitude - Those sealed and saved from Babylon/the world

(Revelation Chapters 4; 5 & 7)

Would you like to know when (the Judgment)began for those who first lived upon the earth?Who will be sealed, when, where, how and why it concern us? It's very important that if we would be amongthe living saints  (144,000) that will be saved in the last days, we must be sealed before the final last day trouble, Mark of the Beast come.  The other group ofliving saints (a Great Multitude)will be sealed during the trouble. Learn about past History and how the things that is soon to transpire will affect those of us Living in these last days whether in the Church or the world.Then please listen attentively to these:

Advanced Studies

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