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Timely Messages for the Last Days

                                              Watch VIDEOS on:

                                     * Present Prophetic Truths and Current

                                  Events Messages - World Changing Events        

                           * The Coming: Sunday Law/Mark of the                                          Beast - hidden under the disguise of  

                      "The COMMON GOOD" - "Climate Sunday

                           * The Coming Global Change - "The GREAT RESET"

                               ​     * ProphesyAgain - Miday Power Surge 

                      & Prophetic Insights

                                    * Sabbath School Messages

                           Amazing Word Ministries

                   * Revelation Series - Dwayne Lemon

                                    * Stateline SDA Sunday Law Update

                           COUNTRY LIVING "Out of the Cities" Videos 

                         and much more

Extremely Important & Urgent Last Day


 The Judgment of the Living     * The Sunday Law  aka                        The Mark of the Beast - Time of Trouble

            *The Final World War    * The 7 Last Plagues                                     * The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ


Click on each Link below to Watch Videos from each of the Ministries and Learn more about the Connections betweenCOVID the other virus andClimate Change and how it's all leading up the the Soon ComingEnforced SUNDAY LAW

Man may plan and that to do evil when used of the Devil.  

However, the Lord who is the Great and Mighty God will soon put an end to SIN.  Put your trust in the Lord unto Salvation.  Jesus will soon come again in the clouds of glory.  

See Amazing Facts Study Guides and Fundamental Beliefs for more - 


Very Serious, Important and Urgent Messages for

the Churchandthe World

       Do you See the      Connection?
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Get weekly Sunday Law Update Messages

Saved to Serve 

(See Links below to Videos) -

Daily Midday - Power Surge) (Weekly Sabbath Sermons 


SDA Church

Get weekly SUNDAY LAW (Wake Up) Messages

  Daily Messages and Weekly Sabbath Sermons

This reference pertains to those who keep the Sabbath.  

The Video also mentions "white spikes"

Weekly Sunday Law Messages (including Country Living information) - Stateline SDA

Church and State - "the formation of the  image of the Beast"

Stateline SDA Video Messages


The Foundation is already being layed in many Countries - But it will finally be Formed in the US.

*** The Videos directly below are especially applicable to the Remnant Church****


Click on each L

ink below to watch  Videos Messages

               Also, Click Tabs below to Listen 
to Audio Studies on page 3 of 5


         *These messages shared provide warnings, but also hope, encouragement & edification 

*They show the need for Revival and Reformation among God's people

*The need to share the Gospel with others  


                    Get Ready! Get Ready! and Stay Ready!                   ​                             ​                                                          



Get Daily Prophetic Current  Event Messages- The Sunday Law & Climate Sunday

Midday Power 


 Prophetic Insight


     Prophesy Again VIDEOS 
  Death of Protestantism & Republicanism           

     Prophesy Again VIDEOS 
  Death of Protestantism & Republicanism           

The protest is over or is it?

Do you know what this means for true Christians today?



Evangelism (on the street)

Tuesday Evening Prayer Meeting & Message)

Revelation 10:11 "Thou must prophesy again before many peoples and nations, and tongues and kings."

Prophesy Again videos on youtube.



Click each Link

Series below

Prophesy Again

*** May the Lord by His Holy Spirit aid you harmonizing each aspect of "Present Truth" with the "Meat of His Word,the Advanced Studies" in order that you receive a complete understanding of the Message for the Church and for the World in the unfolding of truth. *** ​

The serious events that are transpiring around us should enable one and all to see why they should consider:




David Westbrook


(Page 1)

Living Manna


(Page 2)

 Apocalypse Ministries


(Page 3)

4 Stages of  "Leaving the Cities"

before the SUNDAY LAW

The Judgments of God will soon fall on the wicked cities

                   Pavel Goia           Wake - Ups Messages for all who want to be saved

CLICK Link Tab below to Watch Videos 

Also, Read  Books (Page 3)  

Learn who,what,why, where and how

Turning Point:The Week the World Changed.God’s SOCIAL DISTANCING-Country Living,Strategic Relocation

Interview w/ Joel Skousen:Strategic Relocation, COVID-19, Liberties under Siege, NWO, Country Living


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