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Finally, we conclude with (page 5) of our Prophetic Audio Bible Studies on:

Isaiah 7 & 8       Daniel 11:40-45         Nahum Ch. 1 & 2

                                           Revelation Ch. 17 & 18 

Truths that are of vital importance for both the Church andthe World 


 The first Video shares some history and of the US and her Allies against other nations. 

Example of things to come according to End-time Bible Prophecy

This Video we've shared is by Living Waters with Ray Comfort

The main emphasis of sharing this video is to show that concerning

 the Coming World War, 

the nations are in a state of readiness or on alert!

   My hope is that everyone who listens to the various topics presented, will take heed to what they have heard, seek a relationship with the Lord and get ready for what is to come, as it will affect us all, whether we are in

the Church or in the world.

We conclude now in these: 

Advanced Studies 

with the continued messages of the

Coming Final World War 

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