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Our Faith


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Very Serious, Important and Urgent Messages for

the Churchand the World


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*** Application of these truths based on Scripture could help you by God's grace gain better Spiritual, Physical and Mental Health - See the various Pages to learn more ****


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Watch this Video Below with 

Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron 

Learn Christ' Method to reaching people with the gospel:

*People need to see themselves as sinners before they will see their need of a Savior

*Through the LAW the Holy Spirit points out and convicts us of our sins.

  *He convinces us of the Truth, reveals our need to be saved, provides repentance and inspires us with Faith to believe on Jesus.

Also Watch Amazing Testimonies of:

We must receive Jesus as Lord & Savior before 

we can face, the Coming Crisis

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Bible Truths by clicking on the Link below:




   Please watch the video of Church and State uniting for the past year 2019  

             Read the 2 books below to see how serious it will be for everyone.  

They contain contain very serious information that will affect us all 

for the last days            



See how Bible prophecy had been fulfilled

On-going Prophetic Current Events

 & information from The Great Controversy in Ebook Study Guides from Prophesy Again 



Pillars of Our Faith 
and  Fundamental Beliefs​
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Doctrines of our Faith



Click Link to watch all 8 Parts of this series and learn about the: The History of Our F​aith with Dr. Allan Lindsay 





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