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God's Medical Kit (Minerals & Herbs) information


Medical Missionary (Mamon Wilson) - Website: AND

Mailing Address: 4070 Hayes Branch Road Cypress Inn, TN 38452

Phone no. (828)713-5295 - (Margaret)

Anti-Corona Lung Tonic: containing 16 Minerals and Herbs

(Kit - protects the eyes, nose, mouth, the lungs and the skin)

Licorice root                                      * Liquid gloves (rub on hands)

Currant seed                                     * Nose filter (charcoal)

Poke root                                            * safety glasses

Iodine                                                 # Cough syrup (honey candy drop - lung                    Garlic                                                    tonic) Licorice root & Currant seed - Tonic *      Ginger                                                * Room disinfectant spray (Lysol, Lysine,                      Oregano                                               Colloidal Silver, Iodine, & Ginger Rosemary, 


*Pine, Fur and Cedar Tree - make Pine Tree needle tea with ginger

Golden seal

Cayenne pepper

Vitamin C

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