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Hosea Chapter 1 and 2

Outline (cont...)

accomplished when the king of Assyria scattered them (2 Kg 18:11). Thus was fulfilled the prediction made at Jezreel’s birth. Emphasize

that the prefix “Lo” means not. But God was to Have mercy on Judah. 2 TG 6:14.

Read: Hosea 1:7

But he was to have mercy upon the house of Judah. This was demonstrated when Sennacherib came to take Judah captive.

Through the prayer of Hezekiah, Judah was spared. II Kings 19:15-35. Point out that this was done by a miracle —an angel slew 185,000 of

the Assyrian army.

3. What is the meaning of Lo-ammi and what did he foreshadow?

Read: Hosea 1:8-9

The third child’s name predicted that:

a. God’s mercy was lo depart from Judah, because of their continual course of backsliding. The fulfillment of this took place when, as a nation, they crucified Christ. Thus came to pass the pronouncement that they were “not” to be God’s people. (Matt. 23:37,38) (Luke 23:18)

b. This verse brings us to the Christian era. Thus we see that the descendants of Israel and Judah were to be multiplied as the sand of the sea, be re-accepted, and become the sons of the living God. Thus the present identifiable Jews of today are not those that are seen in the fulfillment of this prophecy.

4. How are Judah and Israel re-accepted?

Read: Hosea 1:11

Here we see that many of the Jews who were scattered among the Gentiles, were to return as Christians. Therefore, through Jesus Christ they are once more offered salvation. The Gentiles, too, by accepting Christ, are to become heirs of the promise. Further proof: 1 Peter 2:9,10 Romans 9:24-33,11:11-27; Hos. 1:11; 3:4,5

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