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     If we die with Him, we shall live again. We die with Him,—when? Now! When we acknowledge our life forfeited, and give up all claims to that life, and everything that is connected with it, that very moment we die with Christ. Now what is this giving up of our life? Life stands for everything that a man has. It stands for everything that pertains to life. What is it, then, that pertains to the life that we naturally have in ourselves? It is sin! It is the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. It is envy, malice, evil speaking, evil thinking,—all these things make up the natural life, because we see that every man that has the natural life, has these things.  They are a part of his life.

     They enter into the life of every man on earth.  When we come to that place where we see that we have those things, and are ready to give them up, and pay the forfeit, then it is that we can die with Christ, and take His sinless life in their stead. In yielding up that life of ours, we give up all these things, and when they are all given up, then we are dead with Christ. But just as surely as we give them up and die with Christ, just so surely must we be raised again, for Christ is risen, and we then walk in newness of life. That new life,—that Knowing this, "that our old man is crucified with Him, that the body of sin might be 


enter into henceforth we might not serve sin."  Here is the secret of all missionary effort. When a man comes to the point, where in very deed he reckons that he has no life of his own, and he gives up the forfeited life which he did have in his possession, and the death that has been pronounced upon every man, and that sentence will be executed. Every man must die, because that all men have sinned.

      But there is given to every mana choice as to when he will die. Christ died for all men. We can acknowledge His death, and die in Him, and thus get His life; or on the other hand we may, if we wish, refuse to acknowledge Him, and

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