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the Latin numerals on the Pope's title Vicarius Filii Dei add up to 666? A fair question indeed.  But perhaps we have forgotten that this phenomenon is replete throughout the long history of paganism, astrology, and witchcraft. The numbers 6, 36 and 666 are sacred in these circles. So why would it be strange for the Pope's title to equal 666 when the Papacy is itself fraught with Paganism!

     Furthermore, there are countless names that numerically compute to 666 it is not restricted to the Pope alone! XIUN, one of the names for the Sun-god in Greek, numerically added to 666. 12 The Mythological bird of the Egyptians, Phoenicians, and many of the Indian tribes of North America, was the Phoenix, worshiped as the bright and morning star. In Egypt it was the representation of the nocturnal symbol of the Sun-god Osiris. In Greek transliteration, the Phoenix was spelled the FENEX, whose numerical value equaled 666. 13 An ancient Greek name for Satan was TEITAN, which equals 666 in its numerical values. Even the original Roman numerals, IVXLCD, also equaled 666.  

     Astrologers commonly used 6, 36, & 666 for their divinations. "They invented magic charts. . . Like the roulette wheel. The charts were divided into 36 numbered divisions.  There were six columns in all directions with the numbers 1 to 36 placed inside the entire chart.

Any direction you add the columns, they add to 111. There are six squares in each column and six times 111 equals 666. If you add all the numbers from 1 to 36 they will also add to 666. . . the number 666 was the summary number of the sun-god, because it was his sacred number as the Ruler of the Zodiac."14

     The Bible has placed the number on the Two-horned Beast--the United States, not the Papacy. So the prevailing belief that the number 666 is the numerical identification of some other power is the spawn of the Prince of Darkness, and is calculated to conceal if possible the identification of this two-

horned power. God places the number on the United Stares, and there we must leave it. 15

      The fact that the number is placed by Scripture on the Two-horned Beast--the United States, shows that this to be the identification of this two-horned beast's power.  So, to emphasis this point again, that is where the number is placed by God in Scripture, the United States, and there we must leave it.

      Thus The Beast's civil authority-the man 666-combined with the False Prophet's supernatural power, points to a union of beast and prophet-an affiliation of state and of church representatives. Together they, leading the United States, will control the world's politics, economics, and religion, and will seek to compel all to bow to  

the "Image of the Beast."

     Maybe we need to look less at the Pope and more at ourselves

and apostate Protestantism. No wonder Inspiration intimated that if we studied Daniel and

Revelation more closely, we "may have less to say in some lines, in regard to the Roman power and the Papacy."16



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