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What Every Meat Eater

Should Know

    While many are aware of the fact that meat eating is a associated with cardio-vascular disease, and cancer, they may not be cognizant of the full extent of the problem. Medical science is now proving that a flesh food diet—red meat, fish, and chicken, etc.—is specific in the leading

causes of sickness and death in our country. This rogues' gallery of modern ills includes heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer, strokes, hypertension, and many others. While many factors contribute to these maladies, including an excess consumption of sugar and junk food, lack of fresh fruits and vegetables, and exercise, the consumption of a high protein meat and animal-fat diet is a primary contributor. Now Osteoporosis can be added

to the long list of affliction associated with meat


    The United States has an extremely high rate of this progressive bone-thinning disease which affects at least 25 million, 80% of them women. Brittle, chalky bones can cause chronic back pain, fractured hips, spines and limbs and a host of other problems. Bone loss in the jawbones

and tooth sockets (pyorrhea) is especially prevalent, causing loose teeth and receding gums—a major cause of tooth loss in adults. What causes this painful, disabling, frequently occurring, socially costly metabolic disease? A dietary calcium deficiency comes to mind first. However there is more to the story than this.

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