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   The Church and the World 

     in Plain View

Very Serious, Important and Urgent Messages for

the Churchand the World

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*** Application of these truths based on Scripture could help you by God's grace gain better Spiritual, Physical and Mental Health - See the various Pages to learn more ****

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Our Faith


Mission Statement

Rek​lamation Ministries is a bible based ministry dedicated to sharing the gospel message and love of Christ, encouraging one and all to avail themselves of the free salvation offered to us by the One who left glory and gave His life for us.

We endeavor to answer the difficult questions, to confront the complex issues of our times---issues that will likely impact us for time and eternity.

Furthermore, through the unique teachings of prophecy, Christian living, history, current events, and healthy living, Reklamation Ministries strives to challenge believers to gain a greater understanding of the Scriptures, 

and have a closer walk with our Redeemer. We believe it is time for a genuine revival and reformation among those who claim to represent Him.

Worried about what is taking place in the Church and the world? Do you want to know what the future holds? Want a more intimate walk with God? Maybe, you just want to know more about the bible? Whatever your query, whatever your concern come with us! Come! Let us drink of the deep and sweet waters together and quench the thirst of our souls!

*** The church is now Militant in an imperfect condition with wheat and tares in it's midst. It will soon be purified by   
        the Lord, and then become the church Triumphant
.  Our prayer is that you will accept Jesus as Lord & Savior, 
                       including the messages of Truth He sends to His Church/Movement and all His faithful servants. ***                                                                                      

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