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Prayer Thought: COL P. 76-77


This symbolization of the Old and New Testament church shows that although the 12 tribes of Israel and Judah were dispersed, that now in this last period of the church, God is to gather together the outcast of Judah and the remnant of the Israel, by revival and reformation.

Read: Hosea 1:2-11 and 2:1-23


Read: Hosea 1:1-4

a. Here we see that Hosea’s wife and children were visionary. This analogy was used by God to portray His people, Judah and Israel in an idolatrous state.

b. Point out that God would not literally have His prophet to marry a woman of whoredoms. In Lev. 21, men of sacred office were not allowed to marry harlots. See Lev. 21:7,14

1. What is the meaning of Jezreel and what did he foreshadow?

Read: Hosea 1:3, 4

The first-born son of Hosea’s visionary marriage was named Jezreel in order to foreshadow:

a. The vindication of the blood of Jezreel. Obviously, someone had wrongly shed Jezreel’s blood. This occurred when Jezebel slew the prophets of God. (I Kings 18:13) “Jezreel” could not be the first-born son of Hosea, but must be a symbol of the slain prophets. In a little while, God would vindicate the blood of Jezreel (the slain prophets), by using the house of Jehu. 2 TG 6:13, 2 TG 21:4.

b. The predicted fall of the ten tribes. Jezreel not only predicted the termination of the Kingdom of Israel (last clause of verse 4), but also the place where its army was to be defeated ~ in the valley of Jezreel. This was to take place sometime in the future, from the “birth” of Jezreel.

c. The breaking of the military might of Israel. The “breaking of the bow” of Israel, signified the destruction of the princes of the nation. This was fulfilled later when Jehu slew all seventy sons of Ahab. II Kings 10:1-7,11

2. What is the meaning of Lo-ruhamah and what did she foreshadow?

Read: Hosea 1:6

This second child’s name denoted: God was to have no mercy upon the House of Israel, and that the predicted end of the nation had come. The 10 tribe kingdom had been spared, until the birth of Lo-ruhamah. The

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